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Our main desire is to honor God with our lives and with our gifts, talents, and abilities: It is for this reason that we want to be assured that you as a member of any ministry have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, and that you desire to grow as a Christian, and to serve God. 

Be accessible and sociable: You may be one of the few people that the church attendees interact with week after week- make it a point to make yourself available to meet and get to know the people who are coming to our church. 

Strive for spiritual growth: Develop and deepen your current walk, actively seek to strengthen your relationship with Jesus- Study the Bible, pray often, and seek fellowship with other Christians. 

Strive for unity: Serving as a team is vital to the church accomplishing and maintaining unity. Remember: “Just because you may have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you always should.” Always be considerate of others and work together. Be willing to sacrifice certain things for the sake of unity. 

Arrive on time: Be prepared to serve at the designated start time. Allow time to unwind and let go of the things of the outside world that might prevent you from focusing on the needs of others. For some ministries, it is advisable to arrive at church or the event at least 20 minutes early. If you are ever going to miss an event or you know ahead of time that you are going to be late, please inform the appropriate contact person. When you are not on time- and you do not contact them, this is disrespectful to the leaders and the rest of the team who are expecting and waiting on you. 


Respect the “chain of command”: There are times when a leader will choose a direction that you may not like, or the Pastor may request that something be done differently. It is important to keep in mind that leaders are making decisions by being in prayer and in the Word, and also based on other information that other team members may not have. Remember, that you are here to serve God and the church and that starts through graciously submitting to the leader’s authority. 

Seek Peace and pursue it: If you ever have a relational problem with a team member (aside from being threatened or harassed physically or sexually), address the issue quickly, privately, and prayerfully. Never gossip or talk about someone behind their back. If you’ve wronged someone- seek forgiveness and reconciliation. If you feel you have been wronged, talk to that person you have an issue with first and try to reconcile. If they apologize, forgive them. If you cannot resolve an issue, seek one or two godly persons to act as a mediator. If after that, an issue is still not resolved, take it to the leadership in the church. 

Maintain Holiness and Purity: We are to be the same people outside of a church gathering as we are inside of a church gathering. Pursue holiness and purity at all times. Watch your life closely and always protect each other. If you are aware of anyone being threatened or harassed physically or sexually by anyone in the church, or you yourself are threatened or harassed physically or sexually by anyone in the church, let the leadership know immediately. 


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